About TownshipTownship allows players to build their own city. In their own city, players not only have to look after the construction of businesses and communal land, but also agriculture.

With Township you can design a city according to your wishes. Build businesses, community land, and factories and make sure that your city is always well taken care of. To ensure the supply of your city, you have to grow plants, harvest them regularly and process them in factories. You'll also be able to explore mines full of artifacts and ores, or build your own zoo where you can give endangered species a new home. You can download Township for free on our website.

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Township Township

Price: Free
Category: Games
Version: 5.7.0
Developer: PLR Worldwide Sales Limited


5.0, 248 votes

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Township - Features:- Build your dream city: In Township you can build a city according to your ideas. In order that the city really corresponds to your ideas, you have many different buildings and decorations available. So you can enrich your city not only with cafes, restaurants or communal land, but also with factories. In addition, there are many famous landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty or the Big Ben awaiting you, which can also be part of your dream city.

  • Become a farmer: To ensure the supply of your city at any time, a well-functioning agriculture is particularly important. Grow different plants, harvest them regularly and process them in your factories. Only if you take care of your plants, the survival of your city can be secured.
  • Discover the Mine: The mine in Township is worth exploring. Here you will not only find ancient artifacts and treasures, but also valuable ores that you can mine and collect.
  • Your own zoo: Building a zoo has two benefits. On the one hand you can protect endangered species and ensure the survival of animals; on the other hand you attract visitors to your city and can increase your income.
  • Connect with other players: You can easily play Township with your Facebook friends. For this you have to simply connect the app with Facebook. In addition, you will find many nice people in the big township community with whom you can talk and exchange.

Conclusion: In Township, you do not only have to deal only with town planning, but also with agriculture. This combination makes the game particularly exciting and entertaining. You can expect many different tasks, from the construction of shops to the mining of ores. Since there are many different buildings, decorations, landmarks and plants available, there are no limits to your creativity. Township is available on our website as a free download.

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