Toca Life: Pets

About Toca Life: PetsIn Toca Life: Pets, players can explore five different locations with their pets. There are over 120 real and fictional animals available in the game.

Toca Life: Pets takes you to a world where hundreds of different animals await you. Explore five different locations with over 120 different animals. For example, at the Pet Park you can train your pet's abilities or find surprises. As a veterinarian, you also heal sick animals and do surgeries with numerous instruments. At Toca Life: Pets special pet shop, you'll find everything you need to care for your pet. Discover new unknown animals and constantly experience new adventures with your pet. You can download Toca Life: Pets on our website.

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Toca Life: Pets Toca Life: Pets

Prix: 3,99 €
Catégorie: Education
Version: 1.0.1
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Toca Life: Pets - Features:- Your own pet: Toca Life: Pets is all about you and your pet. You have more than 120 different animals available. There are not only real animals such as cats or dogs, but also invented animals such as sloth bats. Choose a pet, explore five different locations and experience great adventures with your furry friend.

  • Experience outdoor action: In the pet park, your pet can move freely. You also have the possibility to do fun activities with your pet. For example, you can swim in the river or improve your pet's abilities in a special agility course. If you explore the large park, you may also find great surprises.
  • Heal sick animals: In Toca Life: Pets you not only care about your own pet, but can also play the role of a veterinarian. Heal sick animals and make sure that all animals are well. If this is not the case, you also have the possibility to give the animal pills or drops or do special surgeries.
  • Go shopping: Besides a pet park and a vet, Toca Life: Pets also has a pet store where you can buy anything your pet needs. Buy brushes, care products, treats or toys and make sure your pet does not miss a thing.
  • Pet hotel and breeder's bungalow: Pets can be pampered at the pet hotel. Here they have not only a lot of space, but also numerous opportunities for play and relaxation. If you want to experience many animals at once, you must definitely visit the breeder's bungalow. Here many different animals await you, which all want to be cared for and bathed.

Conclusion: In Toca Life: Pets you will experience great adventures together with your pet in five exciting and varied locations. Toca Life: Pets can be downloaded from our website.

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