About SwypeSwype is an alternative keyboard for smartphones or tablets, which makes it possible to enter texts very quickly and easily.

With Swype you can now write even faster. With the help of this special keyboard, you no longer have to type each letter individually, but you can simply wipe over the individual letters. The app automatically recognizes the word you want to write, even if your swipe gestures were not clear or precise. You also have the possibility to add words to your personal dictionary and to use the built-in voice input of the app to turn a spoken text into written words in seconds. You can download Swype via the download button on our website.

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Swype Swype

Price: $0.99
Category: Utilities
Version: 1.7
Developer: Nuance Communications


4.7, 208 votes

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Swype - Functions:- Swipe instead of typing: Swype's special keyboard makes typing texts faster and easier. If you have the Swype keyboard activated, you no longer have to type in each letter one by one, but can use swipe gestures instead. Swipe over the letters and the app recognizes in seconds the word you want to write. The word recognition of the app works even if your gestures were not very clear or if you accidentally hit a wrong letter. With the help of this wiping system, you can enter words as well as symbols or punctuation marks extremely quickly and easily.

  • Becomes increasingly intelligent: The app is constantly learning so that you can improve the keyboard and the word recognition with each use. For example, the app analyzes your enters and tries to predict precisely which words you want to enter next.
  • Practical voice input: Swype has a very handy voice input feature that allows you to dictate texts. For this you simply have to speak your text and the app transforms your spoken text into a written text then. In addition, the app automatically detects when your voice input is over and stops the recording by itself.
  • Large dictionary: Swype has a large integrated dictionary which is regularly expanded by currently relevant or new words. You also have the option to add your own words to the dictionary and remove them if necessary.
  • Many languages: The Swype keyboard supports a total of 29 languages, including English, Spanish, Polish or French.

Conclusion: Swype is an intelligent and enormously fast keyboard for your smartphone or tablet, with which you can enter texts very easily and within a few seconds. Swype can be downloaded for free via the download button on our webpage.

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