Star Trek Timelines

About Star Trek TimelinesStar Trek Timelines is an RPG that plays in the Star Trek universe. Players must team up to rescue the Alpha Quadrant from a temporal anomaly.

In Star Trek Timelines, you immerse yourself into the fascinating sci-fi world of Star Trek. You can put together your own crew and lead the most popular characters from different Star Trek ages. After putting together your own crew, you can choose between different starships such as the USS Enterprise, the Voyager or the Borg Cube. When your fleet is ready, you can compete with other players from around the world in epic ship battles or in the PvP battle arena. Travel through the galaxy, meet known races and factions, and complete special event missions to win rare rewards. Star Trek Timelines can be downloaded for free on our website.

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Star Trek Timelines Star Trek Timelines

Price: Free
Category: Games
Version: 5.0.0
Developer: Disruptor Beam, Inc.


4.5, 202 votes

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Star Trek Timelines - Features:- Put your crew together: The composition of your crew is of utmost importance for your success. There are hundreds of characters available that you already know from different Star Trek seasons and movies. For example, heroes and villains from Starship Enterprise, Deep Space Nine or Voyager are available. When you choose your heroes, however, you should keep in mind that each hero has unique abilities. In a successful team, the skills of the crewmembers should at best be complementary. Choose your favorite characters and create the crew of your dreams.

  • Use legendary spaceships: In order that your crew can travel the galaxy and fight enemies, the game offers a large selection of legendary spaceships. You can command, for example, the USS Enterprise, the Voyager, or the Borg Cube.
  • PvE games: Once you've decided on a crew and a spaceship, you can participate in exciting PvE games. Here you use your spaceship to compete against enemy ships. Think strategically, prove strength and defeat your enemies in the blink of an eye.
  • PvP Battle Arena: If you want to compete directly with other players, the new PvP battle arena is just the right thing for you. Here you fight with your crew against the best crews and captains of the galaxy.
  • Meet other factions: In Star Trek Timelines, you also have to explore the galaxy. As you travel through the galaxy, you encounter many factions that are either peaceful or hostile to you. Contact the Federation, the Maquis or the Dominion and make new connections.

Conclusion: Star Trek Timelines convinces not only Star Trek fans. The spectacular spaceship battles and the breathtaking size of the galaxy will captivate every player. You can download Star Trek Timelines for free on our website.

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