About ShazamShazam is one of the most popular music apps worldwide. It helps users to identify unknown songs within a few seconds.

With the help of Shazam you can identify unknown songs in a matter of seconds. Shazam identifies music after only a few bars, so that you receive information like the title, the artist or the album quickly. You can also follow the song’s lyrics or discover new music with the help of the app. The app proposes you new songs based on your queries and your favorite artists. Shazam is available as free download on our web page.

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Shazam Shazam

Price: Free
Category: Music
Version: 11.9.2
Developer: Shazam Entertainment Limited


4.7, 301 votes

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Shazam – features:- Identify music in a matter of seconds: Shazam helps you to identify unknown tracks within a few seconds. Shazam listens to the song as soon as you pressed the record function of the app and provides you with information like title of the track, the artist or the album in a matter of seconds. Listen to songs and add them to your Spotify playlist. Shazam also provides lyrics to all songs. Like that you can enjoy the newly discovered song to the full.

  • Follow artists: With Shazam you cannot only identify music but also follow your favorite artists. The app informs you about new singles, albums or videos of your favorite artists and even shows you which songs they are shazaming.
  • Discover new music: Based on your search results and your favorite artists, Shazam proposes you regularly new songs and artists. Like that you always discover new music.
  • Share contents: If you link Shazam with your Facebook account, you can always see what your friends just shazamed. You can also share your search results with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. Show the world which music you are into.
  • Visual recognition: Besides music recognition, Shazam recently offers a visual recognition. With the help of this function you can even shazam books or magazines. It should be noted that only content can be shazamed on which you see the Shazam camera logo. The visual recognition can also be used as a practical QR code reader.

Conclusion: With Shazam long guesswork and cumbersome search for unknown song is thing of the past. The app identifies songs reliably and in a matter of seconds. Follow your favorite artists and stay up to date with all important news. You can also easily discover new music with the help of the app and share newly discovered songs with your friends. Download Shazam for free from our web page.

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