About OnefootballWith Onefootball football fans always stay up to date. They receive all important football news and are informed about every game, goal, transfer or statistic.

Onefootball is an absolute must for every football fan. The app reliably and quickly informs you about all football news, shows you every national and international game and gives you important information about imminent transfers. You can also personalize your profile so that you only receive news which relate to your club or interesting games. By using Onefootball, you are not only well informed about football but can also bet on game results or watch highlight videos. Download Onefootball now for free from our web page.

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Onefootball – features:- All football news: By using Onefootball you always stay up to date with all important football news. The app does not only reliably inform you about every game and every goal but also about every imminent transfers and game statistics. With Onefootball you have access to all national and international match schedules and receive numerous insider news. The expert live tickers give you all important information during the match. Because of that, you always stay up to date and never miss football news.

  • Personalize your profile: In order to receive only the news and information which really interest you, you can personalize your Onefootball account. Choose your favorite teams, select important games and favor your favorite leagues.
  • Interactive features: Onefootball does not only offer you all football information but also includes you actively in the game with the help of many features. You can e.g. bet the result before the match or choose the best player of the match.
  • New – Augmented Reality: The new feature Augmented Reality offers you the possibility to enjoy Onefootball in a very new way. Thanks to this new feature, you can experience the team line-up interactively. You do not only have the possibility to zoom in and out, you also receive detailed player statistic when you click on a player. This feature is only available on compatible devices.

Conclusion: Onefootball is indispensable for every football fan. By using this app you always stay up to date with all important football news, follow every important national and international match and receive numerous insider information. Onefootball informs you reliably and quickly about your favorite team and provides you only news which really interest you. You can download Onefootball for iOS and Android now for free from our web page.

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