My Talking Pet

About My Talking PetWith My Talking Pet users can let their own pets talk. For this, they simply have to upload a photo of the pet and record an own text.

My Talking Pet is a fun app that transforms your pet into a speaking pet. You can either take a photo of your pet directly in the app or select a picture from your gallery. After you mark in the picture, where the eyes and the mouth of your animal are, you only have to record your own text and your pet will talk to you. To make the videos even funnier, there are also many accessories available with which you can equip your pet. All videos can of course be shared on Facebook or sent by e-mail. Use the download button on our webpage to download My Talking Pet.

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My Talking Pet My Talking Pet

Price: £2.99
Category: Entertainment
Version: 3.1
Developer: WB Media Ltd


4.4, 382 votes

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My Talking Pet - Features:- Talk to your pet: With My Talking Pet you can let your own pet talk. You have to either take a picture of your pet or select a photo from your gallery. The next step is to use markers to determine where your pet's eyes and mouth are. Now all you have to do is record a text and your pet will talk to you immediately. If you do not have an own pet, you can also use the animals provided by the app.

  • Beautify your animals: To make your video even more entertaining, you have many accessories such as glasses, jewelry or hats available. Choose the right accessories, decorate your pet with funny glasses and necklaces and record this unique sight on video.
  • Add a text: If you've created a video of your talking pet, you can also add text to it. Using this feature, you can create funny birthday greetings or unique memes in no time.
  • Share your videos: In order that your pet does not only makes you, but also others laugh, you can share the finished video with just one click on Facebook. You also have the possibility of emailing the video to friends or relatives. Your pet will quickly become an internet star.
  • Use your pet as a widget: A particularly fun feature of My Talking Pet is that you can also use your pet as a widget on your smartphone or tablet. With just one click, your pet tells you what the weather is or what the headlines of the day are.

Conclusion: My Talking Pet is a funny app, which is especially interesting for pet owners. If you've always wanted to know what it's like, if your pet could talk to you, the app is an absolute must for you. You can download My Talking Pet via the download button on our website.

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