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About is a platform where users can send live videos. In addition, users have the possibility to watch the live streaming videos of other users and celebrities.

With you can share your daily life with a large community. In the app, you can not only record your own live videos and share them with your followers, but also watch live streaming videos of other users. In addition, many stars from YouTube or are also active on, so you can also access their videos. You'll also have plenty of filters and effects available which you can use during your live video. You can download for free on our website.

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Price: Free
Category: Social Networking
Version: 3.8.86
Developer: KS Mobile, Inc.


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A1e64fdd 06ab 41db aea4 801f14410c05 1524058728 3734 0002 2942 - Features:- Send and watch live videos: With you can show yourself and your everyday life. If you want to share a special experience or some thoughts with your followers, just start live streaming. As others can comment on your stream, you have the option to respond to your followers' comments or questions directly. You can not only send live video, but you can also watch live streams from other users. You'll also find many celebrities and YouTube or stars on

  • Find Followers: On the large platform of you will find many exciting and nice people who may even share the same interests and hobbies. Meet new people and find new followers. You can also convince your own friends of your live streaming by sharing your videos with your Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat friends.
  • Receive and send gifts: If you like a video or a user very much, you can send him special gifts. These gifts can then be converted into diamonds, which can later even be exchanged for real money.
  • Use filters and effects: During your live streaming, you can use different filters or make-up effects, so that you can always present yourself from your best side.
  • Follow your favorites: When you follow users or celebrities, you will receive special notifications as soon as a new live video of them starts.
  • Find new videos: Since countless live videos are started daily on, the app has a search function, with which you can specifically search for videos and topics. Search for a hashtag (#) and find new videos you might like.

Conclusion: With you can easily share your everyday life with friends and followers. In addition, you have numerous videos of stars and other interesting users available, which you can follow in real time. can be downloaded for free on our website.

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