About LightXLightX is an image editing app that allows users not only to edit their images with numerous editing tools, but also to provide them with various filters and effects.

LightX allows you to edit your photos professionally. You have many different editing tools available with which you can change, for example, the contrast, the exposure or the colors of your pictures. In addition, you can use numerous filters and effects that give your pictures that certain something. If you want to take the perfect selfie, the app offers many editing options, so you can, for example, smooth your skin, remove pimples and blemishes or whiten your teeth. Use the download button on our webpage to download LightX.

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LightX LightX

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Catégorie: Photo & Video
Version: 3.1
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LightX - Functions:- Edit your photos: LightX allows a professional editing of your photos. There are many different editing tools available, so you can change the contrast, exposure, or color of your pictures with just one click. You can also use more specialized tools to remove unwanted areas from the image, for example. In addition, if you only want to edit individual parts of the image, there are many tools available for a selective editing of your images.

  • Use filters: The app offers a wide selection of different filters and effects. In addition to vintage, retro or B&W filters, you also have special drama effects or paper effects available, with which your image gets a paper-like structure.
  • Create the perfect Selfie: Today, the selfie takes an important role. With LightX, you can make selfies that look almost flawless. For example, you have the possibility to remove pimples or impurities from the image, change your hair color or whiten your teeth. Get the most out of your selfies with LightX editing tools.
  • Combine multiple photos: If you want to create unique pictures, you can e.g. combine several pictures. Choose pictures from your gallery, blend them and create a small piece of art.
  • Make a cartoon: If you want to make your friends laugh, LightX offers you a special feature. With the help of the app you can create funny cartoons of you within seconds. Just upload a picture of yourself and the app will turn your picture into a funnier version of yourself.

Conclusion: LightX offers you a large selection of image editing tools, with which you can edit your pictures professionally. You can download LightX via the download button on our website.

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