Kick the Buddy

About Kick the BuddyKick the Buddy is a game for smartphones and tablets in which players have to beat up an anonymous straw doll properly.

In Kick the Buddy you can let your aggression run wild. Your only task in this game is to beat the straw doll Buddy properly. How you harm the doll is entirely up to you. For example, you have many different weapons such as rockets, swords or baseball bats available. Since the game also reacts to the movements of your smartphone, sometimes just a simple shake of your device can harm Buddy properly. You can download Kick the Buddy for free on our website.

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Kick the Buddy Kick the Buddy

Prix: Gratuit
Catégorie: Games
Version: 1.3.1
Promoteur: Chill Fleet GmbH


4.8, 113 voix

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Kick the Buddy - Features:- Lambast Buddy: Your only job in Kick the Buddy is to beat the small straw doll Buddy properly. If you want to reduce stress or let your aggression run wild, this game is just right for you. You can beat Buddy either with or without aids.

  • Reacts to your movement: A special feature of the game is that the game reacts directly to the movements of your smartphone. If you shake your smartphone, for example, you're shaking Buddy as well.
  • Use numerous arsenals: To harm Buddy as much as possible, you can use several arsenals. For example, you can use handguns, rockets, baseball bats, or even nuclear bombs.
  • Earn money: Since weapons unfortunately cost money, it is important that you also have enough money available. To make money, you just have to do as much damage to Buddy as possible.
  • Use photos from your gallery: If you're tired of beating just the anonymous straw doll Buddy, you can also select photos from your gallery and place them on the face of the straw doll. So suddenly you do not beat an anonymous doll anymore, but for example shoot your friends through the room. This is not only great fun for you, but will also amuse your friends.

Conclusion: Kick the Buddy provides your personal voodoo doll, with which you can do what you want. The more damage you do to Buddy, the more money you will earn, with which you can buy new weapons for the next rounds. Since you can exchange the face of the straw doll with the face of a friend, the game makes everyone laugh. Kick the Buddy is available on our website as a free download.

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