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About Google PhotosWith Google Photos all photos can be managed in one place. This allows users to access their photos anytime and anywhere without having storage problems on their devices.

Google Photos is the virtual photo gallery for your smartphone or tablet. All your images are automatically saved in the app, where you can manage them easily and quickly. Since the photos are saved in a kind of Cloud, you can access them anytime and anywhere and you have no longer storage problems. Edit your pictures, use unique photo filters and create great albums, collages or movies. By using the numerous features of the app, you can enjoy your photos to the full and remember beautiful moments. You can download Google Photos for free on our website.

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Google Photos Google Photos

Price: Free
Category: Photo & Video
Version: 3.20.0
Developer: Google, Inc.


4.4, 405 votes

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Google Photos - Features:- Your virtual photo gallery: If you use the Google Photos app, all your images will automatically be saved in the app. You can then manage and sort your images in your photo gallery.

  • No storage problems: All photos can be saved without memory restrictions, so that you have storage for other things on your phone or tablet. Because of that, you never have to delete photos to save new shots.
  • Access anytime and anywhere: If you've saved your photos in Google Photos, you can access them from any device. You can also find your entire gallery at This does not mean that your photos are less secure. On the contrary, only you have access to your recordings.
  • Visual Search: Google Photos has a special feature to help you find photos faster and more effectively. The "visual search" function allows you to search for people, places or things that are in the picture.
  • Edit your pictures: Google Photos provides numerous tools that make it easy to edit your photos in no time at all. The app can be used to e.g. adjust the exposure, the contrast, the color or the vignetting of the photos. In addition, you can use 14 different photo filters, which give your recordings that certain something.

Conclusion: Google Photos is a smart photo gallery that makes it even easier to store, manage and edit your images. Since all the photos are saved in the app, you no longer have storage problems and can access your photos from any device. Google Photos can be downloaded for free on our website.

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