About EnlightEnlight is a photo editor for smartphones and tablets, with which users can edit their images and create small works of art with the help of numerous filters.

With the photo app Enlight you can create unique photo artworks in just a few clicks. The app provides numerous editing tools, with which you can e.g. optimize your images or retouch unwanted details. In addition, the app offers many photo filters, with which you can give your photos that certain something. Any photos edited in Enlight can then be shared with friends on social networks. With the photo app Enlight you have numerous possibilities to customize your pictures. Use the download button on our website to download Enlight.

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Enlight Enlight

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Version: 1.4.4
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Enlight - Functions:- Optimize your pictures: Of course, the photo app Enlight does not only offer innovative and artistic, but also classic functions that are essential for image editing. For example, with the help of Enlight, you can change the brightness, contrast or color of your image in just a few clicks. In addition, you have the possibility to create your own editing presets. This allows you to edit your images even faster the way you want.

  • Photo Correction: The app allows you to cut or retouch certain objects or details from the image. For this, you just have to use the extremely helpful Clone / Heal tool of the app and within a few seconds, the unwanted object has disappeared from the picture.
  • Use filters: With Enlight you can not only edit your images, but also provide them with special filters. In the app mainly retro or analog filters are available, which give your image the certain retro look. If you use these filters, it looks like the picture was taken with an old camera.
  • Create perfect black and white photos: The app has special presets that transform your image in a few seconds into a great black and white shot. After automatically converting the image, you can also change the intensity or grain of the image individually.
  • Make small art works: The app convinces by many features that transform your pictures into small works of art. For example, you can use numerous painting effects that transform your photos into, for example, street art or realistic drawings. When you combine two photos and put them together into a single picture, you will also create amazing and unique works of art.

Conclusion: Enlight is an extremely efficient and easy-to-use photo app, with which you can create artistic images. The app is also well suited for the easy editing of your pictures. You can download Enlight via the download button on our website.

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