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About Design HomeIn Design Home, players can play the role of interior decorator. You can decorate your own rooms with furniture and decorations as well as vote for the designed rooms of other players.

Design Home allows you to live the life of an interior decorator. Create three-dimensional rooms, furnish your room with great furniture and beautiful decoration and share your furnished space simply with your friends on Facebook. There are many well-known furniture and decoration brands available in the game. You can not only design rooms yourself, but you can also rate the rooms of other players. You can also get rewards for well-appointed rooms. Design Home can be downloaded for free on our website.

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Design Home Design Home

Price: Free
Category: Games
Version: 1.08.05
Developer: Crowdstar Inc


4.4, 450 votes

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Design Home - Features:- Live the life of an interior designer: In Design Home you play the role of a creative interior designer. You have many three-dimensional spaces available that you can decorate to your taste. In the game you will find many furniture and decorative items from famous brands, which you can use for the design of your room. Get inspired and maybe you can implement some of your ideas in real life.

  • Big Community: In Design Home, a large community awaits you, which not only gives you helpful decoration tips, but also information about different interior design styles. In addition, you will find many rooms in the app, which were furnished by other players. Vote for your favorite and show the player that you like his personal style.
  • Unlock Rewards: If you've furnished many rooms aesthetically, you can unlock special rewards. With these you can improve your skills as an interior designer even further.
  • Decor adapted to seasons: In the app furniture and decorations are available, which are suitable for the current season. For example, while colorful colors are more popular in summer, winter is characterized by more muted colors, candles and wood.
  • Share your room: Since you can connect the app to Facebook, you can easily and quickly share your well-appointed rooms with your friends. You also have the possibility to borrow furniture from your friends.

Conclusion: In Design Home there are no limits to your creativity. In the app you can easily design your own rooms, which suit your taste. You will find numerous furniture and decorative items from well-known brands for the design of the three-dimensional rooms. Design Home is available on our website as free download.

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