About Arrow.ioThe app allows users to play the popular browser game now even on smartphones and tablets. Players have to attack each other with bows and score as high as possible. is an online multiplayer game in which you compete against players from all over the world. You are equipped with a bow to defeat your opponents. With this bow, you can not only shoot arrows, but also other objects such as hammers or crosses. Collect experience points and improve your skills as an archer. You can play online as well as offline against an artificial intelligence. You can download for free on our website.

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Version: 1.1.2
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A1e64fdd 06ab 41db aea4 801f14410c05 1524058728 3734 0002 2942 - Functions:- Defeat your opponents with arrows: In, you control a pixel man who has to defeat as many enemies as possible. For this you are equipped with a bow, with which you can shoot not only arrows, but also other objects. Collect everything you can find and shoot it in the direction of your enemies.

  • Collect experience points: As you move forward in the level, you gain experience points. These, for example, help you to improve your archery skills. In the game you have many different abilities available, which always appear randomly. Combine your skills and defeat your opponents more effectively.
  • Choose your pixel man: In you can choose between many different pixel men. Choose the right character for you and go to battle.
  • Online and offline: Since is an online multiplayer game, you can play in real time against players from all over the world. If you do not want to compete against real opponents or if you want to practice, you can also play offline against the AI.

Conclusion: In you never know what to expect. Since you can not only shoot at enemies with arrows, but also with other objects and your skills are constantly improved, the game is unpredictable and exciting. can be downloaded for free on our website.